Saturday, February 2, 2008


Stuff and Nonsense: Work

As there is much more to our work than just the final result, we have written a series of articles that describe parts of our creative process.

Designing for ReallyWorried

ReallyWorriedSometimes there are moments when the telephone rings, or the email pings with an offer to work on a project that you just can't say no to. ReallyWorried sounded like such a project, a site where visitors leave their worries about a range of topics from health to financial matters and everywhere in between. What at first could be conceived as a forum quickly turned into an opportunity for us to help develop the site using our knowledge of the best (and worst) practices in blogging and online social networking and add a fresh, vibrant design.
Designing for University of Liverpool

It is a rewarding creative challenge to design something different within a genre or sector that can so often be filled with pre-conceived ideas. When we were commissioned by the University of Liverpool to redesign their home page, we were soon aware that this would be no run-of-the-mill university project.
Solihull Council: Designing for accessibility

Think of local government web sites and you might at first imagine there to be little room for creativity. Part of our brief when asked by Solihull Council to redesign their home page was simple: We do not want it to look like a council site. Music to our ears.
Ceredigion CIS: Creative collaborations

Having had fantastic feedback from our work for Flintshire Youth, when I was asked to design for another CIS project, this time for Ceredigion Council, I chose again to work with the wonderfully talented illustrator Holly Lloyd. The result was a site that combined hand-drawn illustrations, style sheets and even a sprinkling of Flash and a design that oozes personality.
Small business, not small ideas

So you think that a small business, with a small budget for web design must settle for small ideas?. Right? Wrong. Small businesses are perfect places to do big things on the web. All it takes is a little creative thinking. Over the years we have worked with some big names, but nothing gives us more pleasure professionally than working for small businesses and start-ups.

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